Gymnastics Classes


Gymnastics For Kids Kindergarten and Younger

GymQuarters Junior classes are for girls and boys kindergarten and younger. Each class starts with a structured 15 minute welcome including stretching, position review, and light muscle preparedness. Three more 15 minute rotations follow which may include: floor, balance beam, trampoline, bars, foam pit, tumble trak and vault (Evening students do not go on the tumble trak or vault). Your child will practice skills in their level for 2 weeks, then be evaluated the following 2 weeks. As a child masters all of the skills, they advance to the next level (which may require you to find a new class day and time). Every child receives an award ribbon every 8 weeks. When a student "completes" a level, they win a medal. Our ratio is 5 students per 1 staff instructor.

Junior Gymnastics - Parent/Child

Children age 2 participate in this class along with a parent or adult guardian. The comfort of having mommy or daddy assisting makes this first experience a fun and happy one. All the skills in the Beginner level are introduced, with progressions just right for a little ones first try. The parents help children learn and understand simple directions like making a line, and following the rules. The smiles and giggles are "very abundant" in this class!

Junior Gymnastics - Beginner

For any child who has had their 3rd birthday, and ready to join a class by themselves. Basic gymnastics skills and positions are introduced. Bar skills may include jumping to support, rolling forwards over the bar, and backwards under the bar. Beam skills may include sitting and walking alone on a low beam, standing on a high beam and walking on tip toes on a low beam. Floor skills may include forward rolls, knowledge of positions and shapes, and correctly attempted handstands. There are many more skills that will be taught. This class is broken into 2 levels of progressive skills, Beginner 1 and Beginner 2. All the children love to explore the equipment and try the challenging games. The high level of energy is abundant!

Junior Gymnastics - Intermediate

Ages 3-5. Completion of Beginner 1 and 2 is required to enter this class. In this class correct form and skill technique become more important. Bar skills may include rolling off the bar alone, holding legs in a tight position, correctly attempted pullovers, and swinging on a higher bar. Beam skills may include mounting the beam, walking backwards on a high beam, forward roll on a low beam, dismounting a low beam. Floor skills may include handstands with greater amplitude, backward rolls down an incline mat and cartwheel introductory skills. There are many more skills that will be taught. This class is broken down into 2 levels of progressive skills, Intermediate 1 and Intermediate 2. The self conficence grows every day as children master skills "all by themselves" We love to hear "I DID IT".

Junior Gymnastics - Advanced

Ages 3-5. Completion of Intermediate 1 and 2 is required to enter this class (and possible level manager approval). More difficult skills are taught to prepare children for classes in the Developmental program when they turn 6. Sometimes children are promoted to a competitive level after completion of this level. Floor skills may include cartwheels, backward rolls, leaps and handstand rolls. Beam skills may include scales, tip toe walk and jumping on high beam, leaps and split jumps on low. Many other skills are taught. The more dedicated child will achieve such great pride as they master skills they see "the big kids" doing. It is remarkable to watch the talent level of these sweet little children!